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A Day in the Life of Penny Lane

Penny Lane. My photography business, not only based on my passions but also in namesake for our terrific, terrifying pup. <3

Here's the past few days, narrated by Penny herself.

5:00am SHARP - Wake up. Boop mom and then dad on the face/fingers/toes depending on ease of access. Sniff rear. Wait to see if mom or dad stirs. Turn in a circle and resume position. Snoooooze.

5:30am - Boop parents more forcefully, consider nibbling on toes before howling to make sure they understand that the sun is rising which means IT IS TIME FOR A WALK.

5:50am - Howl a little more while the hooooomans take their sweet time getting weird footwear out and putting on coats, as if we need coats to enjoy the sun.

6:00am - Commence walk. Attempt to walk near mom while she continues to say what "good heel" we are doing. Lock eyes with others out walking. Sniff air and enjoy sun rising.

6:30am - Return from walk. Commence zoomies. Bark at dad to remind him of his role as playmate/rabbit/rope. Stick tongue out and crouch down to let him know what fun this is.

6:45am - Trot into kitchen. Peer at brown kibbles in bowl. Look up at mom, who forgot to share the real food. Look back at bowl. Wait for parents to get the hint.

7:00am - Resume zoomies with dad, eventually letting him win.

8:00am - Lay down on bed. Keep eyes locked on parents, just in case something interesting happens this morning...

9:00am - Perk ears up for other hooooomans stirring in their homes. Consider scooting out doggie door to greet neighbors, protect parents, and bark at cars/crows/iiizards.

9:30am - Return to bed. Keep one eye open. Spend morning watching parents, watching bright screen on shelf, watching parents, and snooooozing.

11:30am - Get up. Walk outside. Sniff yard. Run a lap. Snooze on lawn.

3:30pm - Sun still up. Parents still not zooming. Remind mom that we are ready to go on another walk. Or run. Her call. Or so she thinks. Boop mom. Boop mom again. Bounce on hind legs. Yawn. Look at door. Look at leash. Look at mom. Boop mom again. Commence walk!

4:30pm - Wait for parents to leave room and settle down. Nudge bowl around a little waiting for better options. Give up on the idea of greasy meat for breakfast. Eat breakfast. Nudge bowl more until mom pours more kibble into bowl. Look at mom.

4:35pm - Wait for hooooomans to settle. Eat dinner. Drink water. Paw at water and splash onto kitchen floor to show dominance and fun-loving spirit and carefree attitude. Nudge bowls again. Boop mom. Zoomies. Boop dad. Bring toys. Smile. Howl. Yawn. Look at parents...

7:00pm - Return to bed.

8:00pm - Zoomies &&& other evening antics.

9:00pm - Return to bed.

9:30pm - Mom says "bedtime" as if we haven't already been in bed. Run to door. Prepare to play. Mom says "do your job!" Walk outside and sniff . Do job. Run inside and prepare for secondary bed in parents' room. Boop once more. Turn in a circle and sleeeeeep.

Ahhh, holiday vacations.

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