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Penny Lane Photography is committed to our community and proud to partner with shelters and other animal welfare organizations locally, regionally, and across the state and nation. As a proud dog mom, Kristy Meyers has been a long-time volunteer for the local humane society and stepped into the role as their photographer after connecting with other professional organizations and igniting her true passion. She continues to offer free photography in service of animal adoptions and donate a portion of all proceeds to aid in animal welfare with favorite nonprofit organizations. She loves pet photography and portrait photography, but she is even more passionate about rescue pets overall!

We work with local agencies and organizations to ensure we are committed to ethical and legal business practices as well as strong techniques to reach our clients. As a small sole-proprietor part-time photography business, we focus on helping our neighbors and fostering relationships for a more sustainable photography industry in the Verde Valley. This is why we partner with local government agencies, marketing businesses, networking groups and business alliances to ensure we are the BEST in our field.


We encourage you to see below for some of our favorite organizations, community partners, and business resources. If you are interested in working with us, please contact us

Verde Valley Humane Society

We proudly provide pro bono photography in support of local rescues and animal welfare organizations in the Verde Valley.

Best Friends Animal Sanctuary

A portion of all proceeds are donated to support shelters as well as animal welfare organizations in Arizona and Nationally.

Arizona Sustainability Alliance

As a certified Bronze Conservationist, we're committed to a green community! Check out the Sustainability Alliance Arizona for more.

HeartsSpeak Shelter Pet Photography

We partner with artists nation-wide support the animal welfare and shelter photography community with resources and grant-funded workshops, including the one that got us started in this vibrant community.

Arizona SBDC Centers

We partner with local support from the SBA and Verde Valley SBDC to ensure best practices in small business operations.

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